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agi is the first independent gem certification and assessment institute to establish labortories in the UK.

With our relentless drive for perfection we have established a name in the industry for quality and reliability, giving peace of mind to both the trade and to consumers alike that when they buy an agi certificated gem they are getting a unique gem.

Today consumers are more knowledgeable about the products they purchase and are not satisfied with ambiguous statements as to why their diamond is 'better' then others. They will want to know a breakdown of the 4C's.

Jewellers now supply this information as part and parcel of their normal business and this has led to an increase in demand for reliable grading or valuation reports from credible organizations such as Antwerpse Gemologische Instelling (agi).

Our client base spreads from the diamond manufacturers, diamond dealers, jewellery manufactures, jewellers, retail stores, insurance companies, internet sales organizations, mail order companies, security firms and consumers, covering the whole of the jewellery trade who daily rely on agi reports.