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Diamond Certification

Although many diamonds look the same, not all of them are going to be of the quality you might like. Diamond certification is the written proof of a diamond's attributes. Without it, you have no assurance that the diamond you are buying is of the quality you're paying for.

With it, you know the precise grading for each of the 4Cs carat weight, cut, color and clarity and, therefore, the diamond value.

Diamond certification is the written proof of a diamond's attributes

When you buy a diamond, be sure to question the sales associate first about the characteristics or attributes of the stone. "Is it agi certified?" you might ask. Ask to see the diamond certification that will accompany the diamond when you purchase it. If you do some comparison shopping, you will note that the quality of the diamonds each jeweler carries varies depending on the store.

Supporting the Retailer

agi laboratories were established to provide the highest quality diamond certification. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with a superior service and a quality report which will help achieve more sales and boost customer confidence by providing you with an expert, unbiased third-party report to verify the quality of the diamond you are selling. With an agi diamond grading report you are not only receiving a diamond document from a premier diamond grading laboratory, but you are assured that you are selling an appropriately valued diamond graded with the gemmological industry's highest standards of evaluating the 4 C's.